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 First timer to this site

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PostSubject: First timer to this site   Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:56 pm

Hey everyone. My name is Adam. I'm a 35 year old, saved and living by the grace of God, father of 4, married to God's greatest gift (the perfect woman for you), and pilot in the Air Force Reserves.

I mainly play COD on line. Once in a while I'll get on PGR4, but mostly I'm in the COD crowd.

I'm just tired of being in lobby after lobby of folks with their attitudes and language. That is what made me seek out Christian groups of people who also like to play video games. I know I may be an old fogy to most of you, but I can live with that. I'm not the best player on the board, but I'm not the worst. I just love the strategy and fun of playing online.

I'm not sure how this works with you guys on this site. I mean, do you carry a certain clan tag? Do you meet at certain times throughout the week and play? I guess now that I've joined this group online, I'm wondering how that translates to being online on the Xbox at the same time with you guys to play together and how it works.


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God rules!
God rules!

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PostSubject: Re: First timer to this site   Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:21 pm

Glad to see a new face on the forums Adam. As for your questions, some of us use the clan tag SoG in call of duty and other multiplayer games that allow clan tags or things similar to that. If you meant do we put the clan tag in our gamertags, no we don't, if you want to feel free but you will be one of two people who have. We don't really meet at certain times unless we have a tournament planned. Usually if were online we will just hook up and make a party, were not always playing the same game but it's nice to talk to everyone every once and awhile. Most of the time if you ask someone if they want to play a game, and they have it, they'll jump in with you. Glad you found us and feel free to add me on Live, I'll send you some of the gamertags of other active members in the clan.


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Jesus Fr3ak!
Jesus Fr3ak!

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PostSubject: Re: First timer to this site   Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:52 pm

Welcome! glad to have ya!

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PostSubject: Re: First timer to this site   

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First timer to this site
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