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 Super cool story--Wine to Water!

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Newman Ray
Newman Ray

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Super cool story--Wine to Water! Empty
PostSubject: Super cool story--Wine to Water!   Super cool story--Wine to Water! EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 4:27 pm

Wow guys! This is so cool!

We have talked several times at Bible Study about trying to be part of the solution to problems that we see in the world. One of the problems that we have talked about is the fact that at least 1 in 6 people don't have access to clean drinking water. As a matter of fact, the lack of clean drinking water is the number one cause of death in third world countries.

So today I just found out that one of our locals here in our community has been nominated for CNN Hero of the Year. As some of you guys know I like CNN (I know...yawn Sleep) and watched the CNN Hero of the Year show last year. It really inspired me. CNN picks out 10 or so people each year that are really making a difference in the world and rewards their charity with money to go toward their cause. One winner wins a whole lot of money for their cause. Anyway, the CNN Hero of the Year show is next week, Thanksgiving night, and one of our locals is going to be on it. And guess what for? Providing clean drinking water to at least 25,000 people in 5 different countries! He was a bartender who just heard about the problem lack of clean drinking water and decided to do something about it. He is a Christian and calls his ministry "Wine to Water"---a play on words about Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding. He used his job of bartending (so cool of God to be so irreligious and ironic) to raise money to provide clean drinking water and now goes to these countries to dig wells and make sustainable wells for people!

Here is link to the first video. There are 3 videos in all on this page. All are short and worth the time!

Check this out!
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Super cool story--Wine to Water!
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