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 The New Year

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The New Year Empty
PostSubject: The New Year   The New Year EmptyWed Dec 31, 2008 6:36 pm

Umm...Happy new year guys..We're one year closer to the prophesized clash between evil and good..This day seems to be coming closer and closer as war rages on between India and pakistan along with Israel and Hamas..This is not usually the topic in thhe first day of the new year so i'll end you guys (not in the homosexual type of way) aaand i hope we will continue to play together for many years to come. Also, Freaky and two are noobs and your Gears of War 2 disc should be destroyed..Join us once again so that we may once again have fun!! I have Gears and i STILL play with the SoGs, so why can't you two do it? cmon guys..i miss you both a ton...
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The New Year
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