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 A lil sumtin for christmas

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Jesus Fr3ak!
Jesus Fr3ak!

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PostSubject: A lil sumtin for christmas   A lil sumtin for christmas EmptyWed Dec 24, 2008 11:02 pm

May your Christmas be filled
With glee and cheer
With tears of joy
Good times with loved ones who are still here
With laughter and jokes
And memories of loved ones we hold dear

May it be a merry Christmas
One so full of love
One so full of hope
That we stop and thank the Lord above
For giving us the greatest gift
For giving us a son
Who grew up, lived and died
Who came and done what we could not
So in our hearts He abide

If on Christmas day you like to eat
Chicken baked or fried
Or if you eat a glazed ham
Let us all be thankful
For what we have been given
And praise our Father that we’re Forgiven

My prayer is simple
Let us be grateful
And not take for granted
How much we’re blessed
I hope you Christmas day is filled wonder
My SoG Family
I hope and pray that there are plenty of
Headshots from Box
Grenades from Luv
Betties from Newman
Shotys from Nichols
Noobtube from Sniper
And Flames from Thrasher

Hope we shine God’s light
Merry Christmas to All
And To All a good night

A lil sumtin for christmas M87_si10
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JDH. the local village TK
Jesus Fr3ak!
Jesus Fr3ak!
JDH. the local village TK

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A lil sumtin for christmas Empty
PostSubject: Re: A lil sumtin for christmas   A lil sumtin for christmas EmptyThu Dec 25, 2008 4:06 pm

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A lil sumtin for christmas
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