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 Beautiful Darkside: City of Orphans

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cheezy cheese14
cheezy cheese14

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Beautiful Darkside: City of Orphans Empty
PostSubject: Beautiful Darkside: City of Orphans   Beautiful Darkside: City of Orphans EmptySun Jan 06, 2013 9:06 pm

Well, the community for God and praising his love and grace is growing thin. I look at us like a City of Orphans. We have a strong community of believers. Community meaning worldwide. Then there are the "Fake Christians". That just take in God's love, but doesn't give it. And I'm seeing more of this in my everyday life. For example, Kevin left from Denver where the air is clear and people are nice. And he traded it for sea level, for misty rain, what a bitter compromise. For now he felt like he belonged to those who understood him. But he sold his soul to fight right in and he watched his friends desert him. Kevin used to be a church going, Jesus freak. But he went through that rough patch we all go through. So he fell away and chose atheism because his youth group deserted him. So now put yourself in Kevin's shoes. We've all been there except probably not as far as atheism. But the truth is God wants us to spread his love and grace even in these hard times. When we just take and don't give back. We just let the fire for God die down into a little ember. During these trials we also take all the good and the heaven around us and turn it to ^&%. Don't let this happen to you! Ask for guidance, pray about it. Put God first over sports, and school. Except keep school a must. Don't let your beautiful dark side win. For whatever your beautiful dark side is, I hate to see it win. Being from a small town it wins a lot. Being a baseball stud it wins so much more. I've even thought about quitting baseball. Because it takes my focus of school, grades, and mainly youth group and church. May God help anyone who reads this and is in a similar situation. If you need anyone to talk to Facebook me, or add me on XBL: cheesy cheese14. Also excuse any typos for I have typed this on my Nexus 7 tablet.

Phil 4:13
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Beautiful Darkside: City of Orphans
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