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 No longer being in this clan

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God rules!
God rules!

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PostSubject: No longer being in this clan   No longer being in this clan EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 4:40 pm

I have decided to not be a part of this clan anymore. It's because that it is not as active anymore and some things have happened recently involving other members. It started with oxo Logan when I joined his party to play with him. I don't know if he asked me this or his friend, but I was asked what the shape of Italy was. I answered boot and I got kicked from the party. I don't care if Logan did it or not, I hold him as responsible because he could have done the christian thing and said something. But he didn't. Then I tried to talk to m87nichols about it when he was playing Rock Band 3 and he has not messaged me back or joined my party. For the love of God what is happening to this clan. Message me on X-Box Live if you have to say something about it.
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Jesus Fr3ak!
Jesus Fr3ak!

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PostSubject: Re: No longer being in this clan   No longer being in this clan EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 7:13 pm

Ironclad i want to say that i am sorry that I did not respond to your message. I am also sorry that you feel this way. I would like to offer a few things for thought. I know I have already responded to your Xbox message but I thought after seeing this that I would reply on here.

I just want to state again that sometimes it is not always me that is playing my Xbox on my gamertag. I believe that I might have been taking turns with a friend on the guitar. I actually may not have even been playing. I have my Xbox in our living room in the apartment I live im here at seminary. You can also ask jukebox, fate, newman, and birdman this and they will say that i hardly ever join parties now a days. I just dont have time or there is soooo much noise in my appartment that its rude for me to join since my mic picks up a fart from across the room. I am sorry for not trying to help. However, this semester has been tough. There are times when I only have a little me time and I cherish that time, and usually I do not want to talk to anybody. In addition, there are times when I leave my Xbox on in game and walk away because I have to take care of something.

Also, I am a little disappointed that you would let this one instance and bad interaction cause you to leave. I do not think that one instance should cause you to just up and leave. I would think that if you do not get along with an individual because they are being immature, then you do not have to interact with that individual. This clan is big enough that you do not have to hang out with someone that you don’t get along with.

It seems a little over reactive to just leave because someone removed you from their party. Also the Christian thing would be to go to Logan and just open up to him that your feelings were hurt when you were removed from the party.

I would like for you to think about this as well. Things change, and people's lives change and when that happens people’s priorities change with it. For me this has happened, my priorities have changed. Sadly SoG is no longer a big priority. I do not check the forums consistently, and we no longer have a podcast. I do check Facebook however. To be honest that is what I believe has happened to SoG as a whole. Even though we still play games and we still hang out in xbl parties we no longer seem to have a strong forum, or a good communication network. Because things have changed. Sometimes we need to realize that we cannot always expect people to come running to our aid when something has happened. We have to be adults and try to work things out between one another. My suggestion is that you should maybe try and talk to Logan and work things out. If you try this and thing only get worse you can post on here to let us know and we will go from there and try to work things out.

No longer being in this clan M87_si10
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No longer being in this clan
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