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 Need some posative people in my life

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Need some posative people in my life Empty
PostSubject: Need some posative people in my life   Need some posative people in my life EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 4:40 pm

Hello my name is Brian, and i am looking for some positive people to game with. I am trying very hard to not loose my faith right now because i am going though a very rough spot in my marraige and not sure we will make it. not looking to unload my problems on people but just have some people to help encourage me to stay strong in the lord. MY GT on Xbox is EP3nquin, feel free to hit me up any time I am on.

Oh I play alot of ME3 and some of the new ghost recon. I got DOC:MW3 but i sick so realy play lol
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Need some posative people in my life
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