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 Church 1/10/2010 - Acts 12:1-9

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judas macabeus

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Church 1/10/2010 - Acts 12:1-9 Empty
PostSubject: Church 1/10/2010 - Acts 12:1-9   Church 1/10/2010 - Acts 12:1-9 EmptyTue Jan 12, 2010 12:11 am

John 12:1-9

The sermon was about when Lazarus, Martha, Mary, and Jesus were hanging out together.

1) Lazarus - A witness

-His life was a witness of Jesus to those that came to see him (being raised from death to life)
-Is my life a witness and testimony?

Acts 1:8 Be witnesses (not necessarily going about witnessing in this context)
-"You have to catch the fish before you clean it"
-Romans 2:4 "God's kindness leads you toward repentance"

2) Martha - A servant

-Martha shows growth by this point in her ministry. In Luke 10:38 she was anxious and pushing her ministry on others (she was tattling to Jesus about Mary for not doing the work). In John 11 She was a busy body going to and fro. In John 12:2 she probably has 17+ guests (taking into consideration other gospel accounts) and it says simply "Martha served..." Sounds like she is doing the work without complaining now.

3) Mary - A worshiper

-She was at the feet of Jesus
-There was worship without music
-Her worship was expensive (the ointment may have cost upwards of a years salary back then)
-Her worship was beautiful (the room was filled with the fragrance)
-Her worship was criticized


Have a great week being a witness or servant or worshiper or all the above!

If you are interested in the mp3 it should be up in a few days:
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Church 1/10/2010 - Acts 12:1-9
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